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Alberti Angelo

Who’s ALBERTI ANGELO’s company? ALBERTI ANGELO’ s company operates since 30 years in textile and leather field.

The constant engagement in the research and the experience matured year after year united to a valid competitiveness on National and International market thanks to a direct distributive net, guarantee to our products quality and effectiveness.

Our technical staff aims to a progressive increase of chemical cocktails as well as the continuous search of new formulations that allows to keep pace with the mutable demands of market.

Alberti Angelo

Our brand marked on the products is symbol of guarantee and engagement of ALBERTI ANGELO ‘s company in order to satisfy the real requirements of customers, in perfect symbiosis with all problems of this field.

First of all, the attention due to environment, an important topic of our activity since its beginning, and nowadays is still a reason for boast..

Alberti Angelo

ALBERTI ANGELO ‘s company includes the exclusive service of technical assistance without expenses since 20 years, by phone contacts or by training courses theoretical-practical directed by a qualified staff in order to update the operators with the new innovations or to offer good solutions to resolve difficult situations.

Alberti Angelo

Washings, particular washings, dry cleaning, washing in water of textiles, textile dye, fullings, fulling in dry cleaning machines and water, dye to obtain swollen touch, avoid the migration of colour, finishing treatments, particular finishing treatments, dye, change of colour in smooth leather, suede and new washing systems.

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